drop_3_Einladung Kopie

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Gallery Punkt70 at Chesa Julierhof

Via Somplaz 70 in St. Moritz - Champfèr.

Exhibition 31. July – 25. November 2021 by appointment with the artist.

Daniel Meuli

The Essence of the Engadin

As long as humans can remember – the art of portraying has been a much and often defied challenge. But how do you portray a region? How do you portray its elements? Many have tried to capture beauty, physical and emotional traits of landscapes on canvas, in clay or in various media. But could it actually be that simple, that for capturing an identity, you need to literally break it down and lock it up?

Daniel Meuli stubbornly continues his meticulous mission of portraying the Engadin. This season he reduced the Engadin to its water. The essence of the valley in its most pure form …and captured it. Going beyond photography, he strives to push the boundaries of his work further with every new series. „Engadin water, who are you, what do you tell us?“

Waterdrops are the blooddrops of Mother Nature. Torn out of her rivers and her lakes, from the veins and the organs of her landscape… Put a waterdrop under the microscope as you would with the blooddrop of a human, you will find the key to the Health of Nature, of the Engadin. How does the body of the Engadin live? Where does the Engadin breathe and where does it cleanse? For presenting itself that magnificently to its humans? Slowly the drop engages into a ballet and does not care about more than the poetry of itsricochets… 

Front page: The drop of Lake Sils  White / 2020 

Photogramm of a single drop exposed in the water / negative silver gelatin paper  60 x 60 cm  

Text:Carolin A. Geist